General Health & Hygiene Guidance

Kintbury Coronation Hall

For the safety of everyone using Kintbury Coronation Hall, hirers are required to comply with current government advice. 

The current Government guidance says that everybody should be aware of the risk of spreading Covid and should consider carefully what precautions need to be taken. 

Hirers of the Hall are advised to : 

  • Ensure Users can attend safely without causing undue risk of catching or spreading Covid to themselves or other Hall users;
  • People who are unwell (or self isolating) do not attend the venue;
  • The activity is permitted by Government and Governing Body rules;
  • The activity can be carried out safely;
  • All conditions imposed by Government, Governing Body or the Hall m management are complied with;
  • Any additional precautions needed are identified and implemented.


  • Gel dispensers are provided at the front and back doors and in the Committee Room
  • Liquid soap, hot water and electric hand dryers are provided in the toilets. 


  • Anyone who is unwell, exhibiting symptoms of COVID or self isolating must not attend the premises.
  • Suitable arrangements must be made to properly deal with anyone who develops Covid symptoms at the Hall. 

First aid 

  • Details of precautions and PPE are provided adjacent to the First Aid box in the Kitchen to allow First Aid to be administered safely.
  • The precautions are also displayed on the COVID notice board FACE COVERINGS
  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory but their continued use in crowded areas is recommended